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 Price List

K-9 Bed Bug Detection & Inspection
Pest Control​
Pool & HOt Tub Services

To provide our homeowners with a proactive approach in the detection and management of bed bugs, Surfside Services utilizes the detection skills of a K-9 and handler with proven results of 95% accuracy in revealing the inhabitants. 


One Time K-9 Bed Bug Inspection


K-9 Bed Bug In-Season Only Program

5 bedrooms or less


$35.00 if Pest Control Combo

6 bedrooms or more


$45.00 if Pest Control Combo


K-9 Bed Bug Year-Round Program

5 bedrooms or less


$20.00 if Pest Control Combo

6 bedrooms or more


$30.00 if Pest Control Combo

Mattress Encasements

$95.00 - $168.00 per set

Summer Program (April thru September)

$70.00 per month


The monthly pest control program includes spraying the entire interior & exterior of the property once each month to include ants, roaches, spiders, mice, crickets and fleas.



Year-Round Program

$45.00 per month


The yearly pest control program includes spraying of the entire interior and exterior of the property each month to include ants, roaches, spiders, mice, crickets & fleas.  This program features a Complimentary Termite Inspection.

Call for our 2018 Pricing on these

and other services!

Pool Opening/Closing High Use 

Pool Opening/Closing Residential Use

Weekly Pool Cleaning (2x) 

Weekly Hot Tub Cleaning (2x)

Weekly Pool/Hot Tub Combo Cleaning (2x) 


Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Care:  Mowing/weed eating



Bi-Weekly Lawn Care:  Mowing/weed eating

$75.00/every two weeks


Brush & Overgrowth*



Shrub & Weed Service

Call for estimate


Landscaping Projects

Call for estimate


Pool Area Weed Control


*This service includes weed eating and chemical spraying to maintain your properties' appearance and overgrowth

Pressure Washing
Air Filter Programs

Pre-Season Pressure Washing Program

Call for estimate

This one-time service washes away accumulated insect debris, dirt, sand and mold from the exterior, and promotes an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Summer Pressure Washing Program

$100.00/month (every 2 weeks)

Pressure washing outside common areas such as front and back entrances that easily become eye sores, this service will remove an accumulation of insects and spikers/webs from these areas. 


Summer Air Filter Changes (2x/month) 

June - July

$15 per Trip & $5 per filter


9 Month Air Filter Changes (2x/month)

March - November

$15 per trip & $5 per filter


Year-Round Air Filter Changes

$15 per trip & $5 per filter