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Surfside Services takes pride in providing Termite and Pest Control Services with safety and satisfactiom as our primary focus.  We understand that your home is very important to you...that is why we treat your home like our own! 


If you are having a problem with:


 ANTS                       ROACHES

MICE                       RATS

 SPIDERS                  WILDLIFE



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I would like to extend a huge thank you to David and his partner Ginger for their part in helping us find the source of a pest problem we were having.  David came in and introduced himself and then brought Ginger in and introduced us.  Ginger greeted us and then went to work.  She scoured the home until she was "alerted" to something.  I had been getting consistently bit and knew we had a problem.  We had three different extermination companies come in and they were unable to detect any activity of said pest.  That's when we decided to hire Surfside Services.  Ginger found the source of the problem and allowed us to have the treatment we needed to get rid of the pest.  I would highly recommend Ginger and David.  They are both very professional and helpful.  Not in a hurry, and took time to answer all our questions. 

Thanks again for your help and professionalism in finding our problem!  Lonnie Smith, Virginia Beach. 

 K-9 Bed Bug Detection Program



Surfside Services uses certified, highly trained canines to inspect for the presence of live adult bed bugs, live nymphs, and viable eggs of bed bugs in connection with visual inspections by skilled technicians.  We are proud of the fact that our dogs are all rescued from local animal shelters and live in loving homes.   


Bed Bug Detection dogs generate quick, accurate and cost effective results!  

 Where do you find Bed Bugs? 


  • Mattresses & Box Springs

  • Baseboards & Carpet Edges

  • Curtains, Fabric Shades & Draperies

  • Clutter & Clothing Near Beds

  • Chairs, Sofas & Loveseats

  • Electical Outlets & Switch Plates

  • Bed Frames, Lamps, Dressers, & Nightstands

  • Stored Items Near & Under Beds

  • CD & DVD Cases

  • Luggage, Purses & BackPacks

  • Vechicles, Commercial & Private Use







K-9 Inspection can prevent costly remedies if infestation is caught early, preventing possible loss of revenue and unnecessary legal fees in commerical properties.And for most residential properties, K-9 Detection and treatment is less invasive for your family. 

Ginger, Sadie and Pepper, Double Blind Certified Team Members